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JFAP Organizational Charter

Advocating for Equality, Efficiency, and Fairness
in the North Carolina Legal System

The North Carolina Justice for All Project (JFAP) is a non-profit advocacy association committed to expanding access to justice across the state. We strive to empower individuals by championing reform in the legal profession and educating the public, legal community, and other stakeholders on the pressing issues that greatly impact the lives of North Carolinians.


Our team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those with experience in family law and other areas of people law, public sector work, law enforcement, and victim advocacy. We are united by our personal experiences of trying to assist those caught in civil legal disputes with nowhere to turn to. We witness firsthand the failures of the legal system and the ways in which justice is often only attainable for those who can afford it.


To address this crisis, we propose innovative policy alternatives and advocate for the utilization of professionals other than attorneys to serve the public effectively in certain areas of the law. We are committed to fighting for the millions of North Carolinians who cannot afford a lawyer, do not qualify for legal aid or pro bono services, and have nowhere else to turn when they have a legal need. Join us in our mission to ensure that justice is truly for all in North Carolina.


Ensure that all North Carolinians have access to a reliable, fair, efficient, and socially responsible legal system.



Advocate for innovative policy measures that can help close the access to justice gap.

Core Values

Public Good: Working to enhance the rule of law, public access to the justice system, the efficiency of the judicial system, and the standard of legal representation.

Civic Leadership: Advocating for the right of all North Carolinians, regardless of income, to have access to legal representation.


Empathy: Recognizing that "Equal Justice Under Law" cannot exist until all North Carolinians have fair and equal access to meaningful legal assistance and the judicial system.


Our Story


Each member of the North Carolina Justice for All Project has a unique story that inspired their involvement in our organization. Some members have worked in public service for many years. Others have experience working in family law or other areas of people law. Still, others have worked or volunteered in victim advocacy or have personal stories of friends, loved ones, and even strangers who were in the midst of a legal crisis with nowhere to turn. Collectively, we looked around and saw a legal system that failed to serve the public. Justice seemed to be for sale for a price higher than most could pay. Who would take a stand against a broken system? If not us, who? If not now, when?

Organizational Structure

The North Carolina Justice for All Project (JFAP) operates as an unincorporated nonprofit organization under the provisions of the North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) Section 59B. As an unincorporated nonprofit, we are dedicated to our mission of advocating for equality, efficiency, and fairness in the North Carolina legal system.


The Accessible Legal Services Initiative, spearheaded by the North Carolina Justice for All Project (JFAP), is a forward-looking program aimed at not only providing pro bono and affordable legal services but also driving advocacy and regulatory reform initiatives in the North Carolina legal landscape, so these projects can be implemented. Our project envisions a future where legal services are both accessible and equitable and where the legal system is continuously improved to better serve all North Carolinians.

Advocacy and Regulatory Reform Initiatives

JFAP is committed to driving advocacy and regulatory reform initiatives that will shape the future of the North Carolina legal system. Our initiatives include:

  1. Paraprofessional Licensing: JFAP advocates for innovative policy changes, including limited licensing of legal practitioners, akin to the medical industry's licensing of nurse practitioners. This initiative aims to create alternative legal service providers, lowering costs and increasing accessibility to legal services.

  2. Regulatory Sandbox: We support the establishment of a regulatory sandbox that fosters innovative partnerships between the legal profession and other industries, such as technology and mental health, to expand access to justice.

  3. Court Navigators: JFAP promotes the concept of court navigators to guide individuals through the legal system, particularly those without legal representation, ensuring they receive fair treatment.

  4. Liberalizing Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL): We advocate for reforms that liberalize UPL restrictions, allowing a broader range of professionals to assist individuals, like community justice workers, with legal issues where appropriate.

In parallel with our advocacy work, JFAP is committed to seeing the following services become available to the public as stated in our 2021 Proposal for a Limited Practice Rule to Narrow North Carolina’s Access to Justice Gap, which preceded our 2023 Legislative Proposal. 

We seek to offer or advocate for other nonlawyers to offer:

  1. Family Law Assistance: Legal guidance in specific family law matters, ensuring that individuals facing these challenges have access to support that safeguards their rights and interests.

  2. Landlord-Tenant Dispute Resolution: Fair and informed resolutions for tenants and landlords, advocating for policies that promote fairness in the rental market.

  3. Estate Planning and Probate Services: Accessible legal support for estate planning and probate matters while advocating for simplified and streamlined processes in this domain.

  4. Debtor-Creditor Law Support: Assistance to individuals in managing debt, advocating for consumer protections, and working towards policies that address systemic issues related to debt.

  5. Administrative Law Guidance: Support when dealing with certain administrative agencies.

  6. Expungements and Criminal Record Relief: Resources and legal assistance for expungements and criminal record relief.

Our advocacy and regulatory reform efforts reflect our dedication to creating a legal system that is not only accessible but also responsive to the evolving needs of our communities.

Join Us:

We invite legal professionals, volunteers, policymakers, and community partners to join us in shaping the future of legal services and access to justice in North Carolina. Together, we can make lasting changes that ensure justice is truly for all in our state.

Meet JFAP Team


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