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Morag Black Polaski, ACP, NCCP
Charter Advisory Board Member

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Morag Black Polaski is a Charter Advisory Board member. The Advisory Board is tasked with offering strategic advice and guidance, ensuring decisions encompass a wide range of expertise and perspectives vital to the mission. Morag, in her influential role, actively collaborates with the Executive Director and the Chair of the Board to pinpoint critical areas where the Advisory Board's expertise is paramount. These areas include strategic planning, policy development, and significant organizational initiatives.

Work Beyond JFAP

Morag Black Polaski currently works as a paralegal in a litigation firm. She is also the former owner of Just A Paralegal Virtual Services. Before her current employment, she worked as a legal transcriptionist for the US Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. She also assisted attorneys with civil litigation matters and specialized in Social Security Disability from 2011 through 2017. As an active member of the legal community, she has served on the North Carolina Bar Association Paralegal Division Council and has also served as Treasurer. Morag is a graduate of the NALA Leadership Enhancement and Preparedness Program (LEAP) and dutifully served the North Carolina Fourth Judicial District for over a decade as a Guardian ad Litem (child advocate). Visit LinkedIn for more information. 

More information is available on her LinkedIn profile.

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